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The purpose of this Introduction Class is to provide an informal,

non-threatening setting where guest and new-comers can attend and learn 

more about International Praise “with no strings attached.”


The class is held every Sunday morning at 9:00 am, taught by First Lady 

Sylvia Roberts, in the Getting Connected Classroom held in the Chapel.  Signup for GET CONNECTED HERE.




Week    1 - First Lady Welcome, Introduction and Get Acquainted

Week    2 - History, Mission and Vision

Week    3 - Salvation

Week    4 - Spiritual Growth

Week    5 - Fasting and the Church

Week    6 - Water Baptism, Foot Washing and Membership

Week    7 - Pentecostal Worship and Tithing

Week    8 - Holy Spirit and Communion

Week    9 - Meet the Staff and Elders

Week  10 - Meet Teachers and Discuss Baseball Diamond

Week  11 - Make Up Classes

Week  12 - Make Up Classes

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